Beijing sex hookups

But the current health conditions in Rio may stop some athletes from living out their wet dreams.

An outbreak of Zika, a disease that can be sexually-transmitted, has authorities warning people to abstain.

As recently as the 1980s, a couple holding hands in public would draw stares.

Now, a government that once had say over when and whom people could marry is more concerned about regulating interest rates.

Students fill half the simple but tidy rooms at the Cheng Lin Ming Guang Hotel, a 10-minute walk from Beijing Normal University.

China is in the midst of a sexual revolution, a byproduct of rising prosperity and looser government restrictions on private life.

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The setting this year could inspire more hookups than in the past.

Rio ordered a record 450,000 condoms for athletes; enough condoms to protect every adult in Boston, Berlin or Sydney, Australia.

even launched the “OOOHLYMPICS” campaign to encourage more self-pleasuring, with free premium memberships as an incentive.

Shame would require a moral context -- and since most of the users are well-educated city-dwelling hipsters who expect to do what they please, go where they want, and surf online at any moment...moral stances are in relatively short supply," Zhu Chong writes in the It's mostly men making the initiative and they are usually on the prowl for "yue pao" which translates to an "appointment bang." A man's chances of scoring are increased if he is rich, tall or smart.

If he's no Jude Law, then a picture of his BMW or an address to the Ritz Carlton will do the trick.

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